Thursday, February 15, 2007

Zune Buzz

Microsoft really a great expert in creating buzz and known for bombastic marketing campaigns.Remember Origami Project??Remember flashy vista launches?They created great amount of buzz when they declared they are working on iPod killer but couldn't capitalize on it after the release.But if you observe,the Zune buzz is growing again.First it's their Zune Music filling stations rumors which excited many music lovers.Recent FCC filing fueled Zune Phone rumors further.Now MSN promoting free Zune offers.Further proof reflects in Microsoft's careers site which posted several Zune jobs.Interestingly all these jobs added from January only.They also hinted that they will add Zune service feature in Windows Mobile.They also declared that several new devices up for European launch by festive season.Recent blog post in Zuneinsider(a blog run by Microsoft employee) suggested it could wok with XBOX(Microsoft's Gaming device).If music becomes DRM free(stars are aligning already) then iPodder can also share songs with Zunites and if that happens MS can exploit.

Microsoft adopted web2.0 aproach in Zune hoping to ride on social era,but it's backfired.But they always emphasized that it's a solid 3-5 years investment and they are prepared for all kinds of rejects as they are competing with a guy who controls 80% market.In fact competition is always good and welcome ,'coz customer should always have choices.The intense the competition the greater the benefits to customers.Music is going to stay forever in our lives and this fact is pumping more optimism in MS efforts to entrench music market.So exciting days are ahead for music lovers.

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