Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mobile Phone Networking

One of my Bangalore friend seeing a good vision in Mobile Phone Searching space and he wants to know whether consumers are ready for it and i request ,if you are happened to be visitor to my blog don't forget to take part in this small survey which can give some much needed input to my friend's vision.Personally i see a great potential in this market space as Mobile Phone is going to be mini computer in the coming days and it is already evident that companies like Microsoft,Apple,Google,Yahoo and some startups investing some great efforts to bring new dimension to innovation locked Mobile phone market.

If you ask me i'll always tell you that i would prefer web based mobile phone networking infrastructure rather than traditional one.But I don't think this will happen very soonly as Mobile Phone Service Providers (MSP) are invested heavily in building network infrastructure.I believe MSPs should upgrade existing infrastructure into some kind of Wi -Max platform and this along with raising numbers of Wi-Fi enabled hand held devices sold will present a great picture for the future of mobile phone market.This situation presents great opportunity for entrepreneurs,third party application developers who can create innovative value added services which currently accounts for only 19% of total revenues.Then VoIP based calls gives consumers more freedom to talk and it provides a great platform to distribute community created content like Video,Photos,Voice,Games etc.I may be talking about ideal situation but this is going to be eventuality in the hand held market.May be we can see hard core mobile computing from 2008 at least.

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