Saturday, May 10, 2008

'EXT3-fs: error loading journal'

'EXT3-fs: error loading journal' error is really confusing one.But somehow I got away with it by doing fsck from live CD.Simple solution to this error is checking file system integrity.In my case the file system seems became ext2 where it should be ext3 and fsck brought it back it to original one.

*Boot from rescue CD or Live CD and type "e2fsck /dev/sdax" or "fsck /dev/sdax" where sdax is your Linux partition.It will then ask to replace or fix corrupted blocks and etc.Accept everything by typing 'Y'.

It worked for me twice and it's better than reinstalling the whole thing.I have checked this on Fedora 8 and I am sure it works for other distros as well.If anyone have better ideas please let me know.Thanks in advance.