Monday, August 20, 2007

Google Search in Indian Languages

Here comes Natural Language Search Engine from Google to cater Indian Languages.They are providing on screen keyboard to overcome the lack of availability of regional language keyboards.Its a welcome move by Google.As usually Google sticking with its clean home page,end user control approach and they are offering it as gadget to personalize your iGoogle.A month ago, i was trying Hindi search engine Raftaar which also provides on screen keyboard . Google India Labs also providing easy Hindi typing online tool and i guess that can be extended to other languages too in the coming days.Research Institutes like CDAC, IISc and HP Labs Bangalore working on some projects to solve regional language bridge between computers and users.

Microsoft also working with domestic Research Institutes to make it reality and they are working on a project called 'Microsoft Bhasha'.Last week IBM also released a Hindi speech recognition software and these initiatives can push the dream further which can bring technology to rural areas.Once tools become widely available we can see proliferation of content in regional languages and emergence of many more portals to serve local interests.Thats how you can bring an average customer to internet and computers.I am preying for that moment.