Monday, June 30, 2008

USB based Mint Linux, a handy one for unbootable computers

There are varieties of Linux distributions available which can be installed on a USB flash drive,but nothing beats Mint Linux to me.Because, Mint Linux usually packs all the multimedia codecs and comes with all kinds of handy softwares.For USB based installation it's perfect and you don't need to install anything extra.For regular native desktop usage also it's good and it's a derivative of Ubuntu. I use Ubuntu on my personal notebook and whenever it is down for some reason, USB Mint Linux saves my day usually. Even though it runs from USB,it's still as fast as native OS and some times I find it even faster.USB based Mint Linux is very handy to run computers that are unbootable.It's worth a try and all it needs is a formatted 1Gb pen drive.Here is the link that details this process.Very easy to follow and try it.