Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Google Conundrum

I always wondered why Google is not promoting their non search services.If you look at Google's 2006 Q4 earnings card,more than 50% revenue contributed by Search only(Advertising revenue).More than 50% revenue source is US only.Google gaining ground in European market but they continue to rely on ad based revenue model very much.I doubt whether they can continue to do so,especially after Yahoo,Microsoft unleashed their search ad platforms.

Google Labs continue to innovate and recently Google started investing in companies like Youtube,dMarc(Radio Broadcasting company),Adscape(Gaming Ad Company) and they strike deals with Apple(iPhone),Samsung and China Mobile to ramp up mobile phone search.But still if you see in the broader sense many people don't even know these services except their search engine and at the same time Google home page continued to be reluctant to promote these services.Remember Dodgeball??No where i could see that Google is trying to promote it.But what happened to Froogle(e-Commerce service) despite it got some space on most coveted home page till recently??In fact Google had to close Google answers service after poor response where as Yahoo answers continue to grow.Google have home page personalization option,but i don't know how many of us really bothered to click on that option???

Yahoo seems to be better in this game as they continue to promote other web services along with search,but Google finding it tough 'coz their USP lies in their home page.Of course search is a ever green and ever growing market but Google surely can do more than search.Google is one of the very few Software companies with more than $100bn Market Cap.Google is one of the very few companies that gave Microsoft sleepless nights.As most of the Google's services tied up with web they should find a way to promote other services as much as they do for search.May be it's experimental time for Google to change home page or create another site which intensely promotes non search services.

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