Monday, February 19, 2007

Open SUSE 10.2 on Windows

Recently i was running SUSE 10.2 virtual machine on my Notebook (XP Home French Edition) and it was really a good experience to run both simultaneously without rebooting as i was using a seperate partition for Linux.These days companies like Parallels Inc.,VMWare etc. made virtualization easy.You can run multiple operating systems simultaneously using the softwares produced by these companies.Now a days VMWare offering free VMWare player (For both Wondows and Linux) using which you can run any virtual machine.You can download SUSE 10.2(KDE 3.5.5) Virtual machine and open it with VMWare player.The experience is closer to native in virtual machine and if you have a good RAM thats a plus.You can create Virtual Machines easily using easyvmx site.

Now a days the debate on interoperability,Virtualization has become intense and after severe criticism for closed approach,Microsoft recently strike a deal with Novell Inc. to offer Virtualization on enterprise servers.This move mainly aimed at capturing market in server software as linux is a dominant player in server market.There has been also fight between SUN and Microsoft over Office documents interoperability standards(ODF vs Open XML) and Microsoft openly criticized IBM for backing ODF over Open XML.The message is these companies should make consumers winners by making the software independent of platform and this can happen only if they give priority to consumer over individual interests.

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