Thursday, March 15, 2007

Google economy crumbling????

Well,not yet.But recently bought You tube woes never seems to end.Now Viacom Inc. a media giant which owns brands like Paramount,MTV,Dream works etc. sued Google/You tube for making moolah on copyright violated content.They recently asked You tube to remove 160,000 videos,which were viewed more than 1.5bn times.They came up with strong criticism against You tube's loose business model and demanding $1bn as a compensation for violating copyright act.Ironically Viacom recently strike a deal with Joost a P2P video distributing service by skype founders.In fact turkey recently banned You tube(lasted for 3 days)for displaying a video which criticizes country's founder.Well,what if people continue to upload videos targeting nations,religion sentiments???Google is very much aware of these issues but they took chance in case of You tube which they viewed it as long term investment.

But Viacom's move can attract further law suits which can eventually have negative impact on Google's stock performance which is currently performing exceedingly well.But if this happens their cash reserves will be dried and have to regret for not making the most of those reserves.Well,You tube also strike deals with BBC,NBA to distribute their content and they increased their effort to crack down on copyright violated content.But these days content gets recycled in net and it's almost impossible to stop these videos appear on net.Interesting days ahead and the verdict can set tone for the media industry.


Nauduri said...

well thats waiting to happen really i downloaded quiet a bit from youtube but then i never understood why they bought it when they had a very good videos working?

Sravan Kundojjala said...

May be in a year's time all major media,Publishing companies will put most of their content on youtubes for free.Watch out!!Law suits may not withstand and advertising model can boost them rather than hitting.