Thursday, March 22, 2007

Billion Dollar Market on Mobile

Recently there have been rumors about G-Phone(Google Version of Mobile Phone).Well,Google may eventually enter into this doggy-dog and explosive market.Today,Mobile phone market is highly competitive and all Phone manufacturers are engaged in intense battle to capture next billion customers.Apple Inc. already announced their plans to enter in phone market and Microsoft has been there with Windows mobile.Microsoft captured almost 10% Market share in Symbian and Open Source dominated smart phone OS Market(Black berry controls around 9%).

Well,what does all this mean?Simply put it,the PC and internet companies vying each other to make mobile phones as Software intensive devices.Mobile phone world is still waiting for killer application and it can happen only when it becomes S/W intensive.In the existing Ecosystem only handset manufacturer and Service provider netting $bn.In the data services market revenues doesn't seems to be picking up as most of them locked to carriers.There has been good market for Ring tones,Games but the true killer application is still waiting in the wings.

So,what can be that billion dollar application on Mobile??Is it Search??Is it GPS targeted ads??Music??VoIP on Mobile??Well,it can be any but Search on mobile seems to be priority to many.’Coz it can be ultimate revenue generator and at the same time companies like Yahoo,Microsoft want to win at least on Mobile Search turf.But problem is easy interface and off late interface wars started as Apple bringing touch screen to iPhone and Microsoft recently acquired Tell me networks(Provider of Voice interactive search from Mobile).There are startups like V-Enable,Promptu,Medio,Jumptap,Midomi,Nuance,Nayiomedia etc. in this space.According to one projection voice search market size can be $11bn by 2008.Well,that’s really big money but the question is who'll make it.

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raju said...

thats simple who gives the quality and ever update technology they will win the large market share i think considering present statstics microsoft has the chance ...offcourse apple also in the race but situation changes if google enters the market bcz google rapidly growing ...what u say ...