Tuesday, June 5, 2007

iPhone competitors

Well,today taiwanese company High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC) released a touch interface phone which runs on Microsoft's windows mobile 6 platform.see the full specifications here.You can see a flash demo of HTC touch phone here.It has got a three dimensional interface,which looks interesting.Right now its available in UK and will be released later this month in Asia and throughout Europe.They are planning to release in US by the end of this year.iPhone also releasing this month on 29th.Looks like old PC rivals gearing up for new age hand held market.

Looks like touch interface catching up with all major companies.Here is some major announcements of touch interface mobile devices by different companies.I am listing those only in which phone functionality is primary and ready for commercial market.

Most of these phones other than iPhone using windows mobile software which shows that Microsoft's appetite for leadership in enterprise mobile computing market.This is going to set a new trend in smart phone market like GUI for PC industry.This touch interface phones further stressing the importance of software on phone.Touch interface on phone surely a paradigm shift.Its rather surprise that so far no touch interface phone announcements from giants like Nokia,Motorola and Sony ericsson.For some statistics of phone market refer to one of my previous post.

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