Friday, May 11, 2007

Linux coming of age

After trying SUSE 10.2 and Redhat FC6,Mandriva i settled with Ubuntu 7.04.I can tell you it's the simplest OS i've ever used and stable too.If you are interested you can order free CDs from Ubuntu site.It has got all kinds of applications softwares like VoIP,Office,Multimedia ,Chat,development tools etc.If you want to use gtalk VoIP feature in Linux there are messengers like jabbin,Gizmo project.Gizmo project allows you to make 10 min free international call per day and their browser based version also available.Ubuntu really riding on high after Dell computers decided to ship some models with Ubuntu.Back in 2000 also Dell shipped some Linux PCs but suddenly stopped.Michael Dell also uses Ubuntu on his notebook.Dell hoping this move can give the company some much needed momentum after it lost in the recent years to HP.I don't know whether they can reduce the price of PCs to sub $400 'coz OS and softwares are free.They have to,otherwise there is no point in buying as you get free Ubuntu CDs ,downloads and support anyway.

I don't think this move will signficantly impact Microsoft Windows as it had great relations with PC manufacturers including Dell.Sensing the danger from ubuntu,Microsoft also announced they will give away $3 software to developing countries.Ubuntu can definitely help developing countries by agressively marketing it.Cannonical software company run by South African entrepreneur Mark shutleworth sponsering Ubuntu project and it's right now the hottest linux distribution on the scene.You can see some videos on youtube to check out more about Ubuntu Beryl 3D desktop effects which looks like light years ahead of Vista's Aero.Difference is Vista costs you around $300 and Ubuntu is absolutely free.Ubuntu surely rocks and linux surely coming of age and i mentioned in one of my previous post also.


sumit said...

hi sravan ur article was informative.what i thougt that instead of ubuntu distributing free cds in south africa ifthey could do the same in developed nations than i think their marketing strategy could work
a)S.A is not having tech savvy people who would not understand diff between vista and linux
b)developed countries would willing spent on ubuntu if ubuntu can penetrate the market.For that ubuntu should use diff marketing strategies.

Sravan Kundojjala said...

Desktop linux can grab the market by targeting people who are new to computers like kids.Thats what they are doing.I dont think overnight experienced windows users migrate to linux.In fact thats almost ruled out.Many windows users dont want to switch to linux not because they hate it but because they fear they may miss many aplications s/w like office.Though altrnatives thr it takes grt effort to convince a windows user to switch to linux.