Saturday, September 5, 2009

SMS annoyance in India

I think SMS and spam calls issue needs to be addressed quickly in India. I even had to change my number once. Today morning at 2.00am I have received an SMS which reads some local celebrity movie was postponed due to the death of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister. I never gave my number to them to SMS me at night and this is utter non-sense and outrageous.

In India this SMS non-sense is rampant and there seems no exit route to avoid it.

  • Without your permission you get annoying calls speially from carriers in India without any clear exit route to avoid that non-sense. Cheap business tricks?

  • The tele marketing idiots are clearly violating privacy laws.

  • Airtel takes 45 days to process your request to avoid spam non-sense. I don't know why 45 days in the age of instant communicattions?

  • Some dumb idiots send SMS asking you to prey for a speedy recovery of celebrities. I don't know why should I pray for these jokers?

  • I don't know when these idiots will realise that their calls and SMSs are so intrusive and outright privacy violation?

Unfortunately due to low internet penetration these jerks continue to use tele marketing methods to chase consumers. This has to be addressed. I am sure many people in India share my concerns.


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John A. said...

I spent 6 months in India. I could handle the endless sms messages but the 6 to 10 voice pre-record calls from Vodafone put me over the edge.....I told my friends I had a lot of new girlfriends in India calling....:)I waited 45 days for it to stop. It just got worse.

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