Saturday, July 12, 2008

Windows Mobile on Nokia handsets still possible

After seeing Symbian Foundation announcement by Nokia most people might think that Nokia would never use Windows Mobile. But somehow I believe that this combination is still possible.Using Windows Mobile may be kind of irony to Nokia but it has the potential to create value to both Microsoft and Nokia.

My reasoning is,

  • Nokia needs to beef up its North American presence and one way to do is shipping Windows Mobile handsets there.If Nokia wants to increase its market share beyond 40% this must be one way to do it.

  • Nokia currently lacks touch screen portfolio and Windows Mobile can definitely help it there.Usually touch screen phones are software intensive and Nokia still seems to be developing S60 touch software and expected to get one out by end of this year.But Nokia's competitors HTC, LG, and Samsung are already been very active in the touch screen phone market.All these phones are using Windows Mobile.Even Sony Ericsson also preferred Windows Mobile for its touch phone XPERIA X1.

  • Nokia's relations with Microsoft are better in the recent times as Nokia is using Microsoft DRM technology, Live services and also agreed to ship Silverlight on its S40, S60 based handsets by end of this year.

  • Microsoft can also benefit from this kind of move as Nokia ships hundreds of millions of consumer oriented handsets which could improve Microsoft's image in the consumer market.
It may not happen any time soon but it's quite possible.


Ronald Demos said...

Nokia at present needs touch screen portfolio and Windows Mobile can help it there.Usually touch screen telephones are programming concentrated Nokia still is by all accounts creating S60 touch programming and anticipated that would get one out by end of this year.But Nokia's rivals HTC, LG, and Samsung are as of now been exceptionally dynamic in the touch screen telephone market.I'm working at federal job resume All these telephones are utilizing Windows Mobile.

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