Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some Hilarious facts about Windows

Many a times I was shocked to see pathetic awareness about Windows OS even though Microsoft burns billions of dollars on campaigning.Some of them are.

  • Many people I spoke to believed 'Windows' is a company name.
  • Most Windows users don't know that 'Microsoft' is the exclusive provider of 'Windows'.
  • Ironically many of them perceiving it as a 'free software'.
  • Adding to injuries,many people do not know that MS Office is a separate product and think that it comes with Windows as a bonus.This is true in countries where piracy is on rampage.
  • For many Windows users, knowing their internet speed is one of the biggest puzzle.Most people I spoke to often believed 100Mbps,54Mbps,11Mbps as their line speed which generally shows when you point your mouse on the network icon.
  • Many believe that Windows Media Player can play any format on this planet.
  • Many people I spoke to do not know the word called 'browser' but they know damn 'IE'.
  • Many tend to believe that 'Monitor' is computer and not the CPU.
  • Many users tend to be panic if they don't see 'START' menu.
  • Majority of the windows users never had to touch DOS in their lives.Credit to Bloatware.
  • Many doesn't know how to partition the hard drive and tend to keep important stuff in C drive.
Well, I can go on.But let's stop here.