Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Joost,the killer of You tube???

At last i got Joost beta tester invitation for which i applied in last month.I downloaded and installed the software and it's really cool experience.But unfortunately as of now i don't have any invitation privilage and may be in the coming days it will be added to my account and the screen shot tells the story .It's really great to watch TV in full screen on computer thanks to Joosts' P2P technology.The founders of Kazaa,Skype back with a bang and i'm sure Joost will be hit and can give a run for You tube's money.It has got some cool features like Search,IM(You can IM people who are watching the same channel),Parental control and some cool widgets like clock,news ticker.Right now widgets choice is limited but according to Joost Blog they are going to release Joost SDK soonly which can enable developers to build widgets.Right now the content available is somewhat limited but i think once it goes public from beta version we can expect more to be added and Viacom a media giant recently signed a deal with Joost.Joost FAQ tells that programmes can't be recorded as it can be watched anytime(on-demand basis).According to Joost site,in one hour of viewing, approximately 320Mb data will be downloaded and 105Mb uploaded, which means that it will exhaust a 1Gb cap in 10 hours.So it consumes too much of bandwidth and may be in the later versions technology can be fine tuned.Soonly they are going to release Linux Joost client also as it currently runs on Windows,Mac platforms.Content uploading is not supported at the moment and they are concentrating only on well known Media brands sponsored content.

Good thing is that Joost attracting some competition from early stage.A European startup called Babelgum also working on Next generation TV over internet and it has very good venture backing also.Adobe's Philo can also be added in the Joost's competitor's list.I think it's alarming time for You tube and they recently added some features like IM with people who are watching the same video and uploading videos directly from mobile etc.But i think real concern is You tube should accept only quality content and i am sure You tube will offer their service in Full screen in the near future in the wake of rising competition.I am also predicting that Microsoft will join the list as their interest in web TV is well known.Surely great days ahead for idiot box???


Ser said...

send me invitation for joost to:
subotaj AT gmail.com

Sravan Kundojjala said...

as mentioned in blog post and screen shot right now no invi added to my account.If added in future i wud drop.

Khurram said...

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