Monday, January 22, 2007

Where skype gone?

Skype started like a rebel when it took on telecom industry.After E-Bay acquired it there is not much news from skype and no more rebel applications.Skype seems to be yet another victim of M&As.I hope i am wrong but off late there has been much talk going on podcasting and unfortunately most people still have a wrong perception that podcasting is limited to iPod.But i often wondered if podcasting having that much potential why didn't anybody bring it to mobile phones?I had given thought to it many times but delivering podcasts for free of cost on mobile phones seems really a costly affair and no advertiser wants to rally with you until your service tastes some success.There seems to be no perfect business model and proven player in this podcasting industry.Steve Jobs called it 'Future Radio'.What about voice social networks?Is that next killer application? Social network sites should start promoting voice.Hmm...hope we can solve this conundrum soonly.

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